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About Us


GEMCO is a leading IT service provider and offers management of IT, Power and Banking Infrastructure through its robust world class delivery processes to varied corporations of high repute.

Our humble beginnings were in 1958. After 60 years of serving the Pakistan market, it is our honor to be known as one of the oldest and largest names in the corporate and government service providers in Pakistan having our presence in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Hyderabad, Sukkur, Multan, Faisalabad, Quetta, Peshawar and Muzaffarabad. 


Grow consistently in order to lead the Pakistan market as a service provider in office automation, information technology services and power solutions.


We focus on offering differentiated customer value propositions and service oriented solutions to our corporate customers by aligning our talent and learning enabling us to be a profitable market leader in our business segments.
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Managed Print Services

MPS is about what and how your office prints, scans and copies on the devices that reside in your offices. MPS involves managing your office’s entire printer fleet, providing tools to monitor and manage your devices, deliver supplies, and offer on-site service to keep your devices up and running. We offer all this and more while still working to create a significant savings to your organization.

What Can Managed Print Services Do For You?

  • 23% fewer help desk calls

  • Reduction in cost of consumables

  • Cost reduction in unscheduled maintenance

  • Cost reduction in installation and upgrades

  • Significant overall saving

In Simple Terms:

  • If it needs toner, we ship it

  • If it’s broken, we fix it

  • If it’s outdated or out of commission, we replace it

GEMCO offer solutions that will not only save your overall document-related cost up to 30% to 40% but you can also get control of your printing fleet with RFID card or PIN authentication, secure printing options and job accounting tools for quota allocation and reporting.

Secure Printing with Authentication

Secure Follow-You Printing allows you to print from anywhere, anytime and pick up documents when and where you want. All while eliminating the risk of private information being left at a printer—and reducing wasted paper, resources and time from unclaimed documents and inefficient print workflows.

Printing Reports

In a typical printing environment, it is a nightmare to bring together all of the related invoices for service, supplies, devices and any other printer related expenses. Managed print provides a single monthly invoice for budgeting, forecasting and reporting. There is no more guessing and you will know how much you spend on printing every month and when there is a sudden or significant change in those expenses. It also facilitates vendor responsibility and lowers costs by bundling multiple services through one vendor.

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Document Management Solutions

Our Document Management Solutions are utilized by many companies across a diverse range of industries. Not only do large organizations employ our services, we also work with SME’s looking to streamline their processes and centralize their data. We have never lost a document and pride ourselves on being a cost effective, efficient document management solution provider. Our 99.95% accuracy is achieved by converting the scanned document to an image, indexing the image and then allocating the images to a central location allowing greater control over how the document is accessed and used. We have a number of different solutions depending on the needs of your business and we customize our procedures to meet your requirements.

Benefits to Gain by Outsourcing a Document Management Provider

  • Improved company focus

  • Peace of mind

  • Access to world-class technology capabilities

  • Enhanced data security

  • Customized solutions

  • Increased productivity and streamlined employees

  • Freeing up space

  • Regaining control

Creating a paperless office

With the growth in cloud-based technology and the always present need for readily accessible documents, paperless office solutions have become part of a modern business. Many organizations are implementing paperless office solutions and enjoying easy access to their documents at all times. Valuable office space is freed up once hard copy document storage is no longer required. Creating a paperless office will improve your internal procedures by streamlining your processes. Your team can work collaboratively as all of your data is synchronized into the one place allowing an out of office environment and virtual employment opportunities for your organization.

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Power Solution

In todays “always on, always available” world where businesses can’t stop and downtime is measured in dollars, GEMCO provides protection against some of the leading causes of downtime, data loss and hardware damage: power problems and temperature. We set the standard for quality, innovation and support. Its comprehensive solutions, which are designed for both home and corporate environments, improve the manageability, availability and performance of sensitive electronic, network, communications and industrial equipment of all sizes.


GEMCO provides a wide range of UPS, batteries and related power protection products aimed at the computer networking, telecom, servers, emergency lighting and three phase sectors of the market.


Our cash and check processing (counting, verification and packaging) systems are designed in such a way that banks can integrate and organize their cash in transit solutions in the best possible way. We provide a host of solutions from coin and note counting (with UV/magnetic detection), note binding and bundle packaging and shrink wrapping as well as separate UV / magnetic fake note detection devices. It is a one-stop teller solution for the banking industry.

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